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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  March 4, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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tonight bill maher is mad as hell and he's not going to tau take it anymore. he's putting his money where his mouth is. >> mitt romney is running on that silly idea i ran a business and know how to create jobs. what he did is fire people. >> a pim time exclusive with bill maher and remembering davey jones. the question i never thought she'd ask me. >> we were talking about playing a role on "the good wife," how would you like to play my ex-husband? >> yes. is it available? >> this is "piers morgan tonight."
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>> good evening. the big story tonight is the selling of the president which is days away from the turning point in the race for the white house. super tuesday and millions have spent on hard-hitting ads for super-pacs. we have bill maher. and later me exclusive with mickey remembering the late great davy jones. >> we had a lot in common, and over the years, you know, our family and he and i, you know, we bonded. after 47 years working with people like that, he was like my brother. >> we begin with the big story. i want to ask bill maher about his controversial $1 million doe tags to president bahama'super-pac. >> i would like to announce a donation to the obama super-pac, which has the tongue twister name priority usa action.
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i would like to give that pac $1 million. . >> that was bill maher announcing the donation. bill is back with me now. >> nice to be here. >> was i surprised? i don't know. i was surprised that you had a million dollars to chuck around, bill. congratulations. >> it was just lying around. >> secondly, that you would do this. i don't know why i should be surprised. not that your politics are necessarily that shocking, but why did you do that? what made you get up one day and say i'll do this? >> i didn't do it one day. i thought about it for a long time. what i said after that was i wanted to make the point that this really hurt. it does hurt to write a check for a million dollars, and i wanted to inspire a lot of people out there on the left who are rich who this wouldn't hurt at all. there's lots of people that won't miss a million dollars. i will miss it. >> how bad are you going to miss it, bill? >> i'm driving a cab at night
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now. i'm not. i'm still going teet the same. i'm just going to do you jigest peacefully. these republicans scare me. if this was europe and we had ten parties to choose from, maybe i'd feel different. he yes, obama has disappointed me in some ways. after watching these republicans debate the last year and hearing their ideas for the country, not only do i think this is for the betterment of the nation, i would do this on a selfish level because if we elect a republican and they go back to the policies that were there before obama, i could see my money getting v vaporized like it did in 2008 when i had it with lehman brothers. i'm not blaming it specifically on the republican administration, but the policy of not taxing the rich, which was bush's policy. the policy of deregulation of wall street, which was mostly a republican policy. you know, republican policies are failed ideas, and to go back to them could be more disastrous
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for what money i have left than anything else i can think of. >> have you heard from the president since your donation? >> no, because it wasn't to him. it was to the super-pac, which he has nothing to do with. >> nothing to do with. here's my issue with that. obama was always very anti these super-pacs. >> it's a silly argument. >> is it? >> of course it is. this is what the republicans would like people to believe. that it's hypocritical. of course it's not. you can be against something, as long as it's the rule was of the game and the present, you play in the present. i'm against the -- >> can you, though? that's still hip pock see, stint? >> he would out and out lose this election if if he didn't. >> would he, though? >> you have to keep two distinct thoughts in your mind at the same time. one, we're against the policy. two, as long as this is the rules of the game, we have to play by the rules. >> even if you think it's
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morally and ethically wrong? >> of course, because otherwise he doesn't win. if he wins he might appoint a couple more supreme court justices which would overturn that awful ruling, citizens united, which allowed this to happen in the first place. >> given that romney is youpt spending all his competitors and still isn't getting very far, certainly not winning his election battle at the moment, what makes you think the super-pacs are actually that effective? >> that's true. money does not always win elections. mostly it does, however. usually it does. it makes a huge difference. obama beat mccain handily in the donation game in 2008. that was a big reason why he was able to win, i think. also mccain was a horrible candidate and sarah palin and everything broke right for obama in 2008. the market crashed, all of that stuff. but, you know, in 2008 the most you could give was $2300, i
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think. now sheldon talks about giving one candidate $100 million. this game has changed completely. this is the other reason i did this. to draw attention to something i don't think americans are aware of. this is a completely different world we're playing in now. it's a world of millionaires and billionaires and almost all of the billionaires are on the side of the republicans. so the common everyday millionaire has to step forward for the democrats. >> yet, wouldn't a romantic part of it love it if president obama came out and said, i said super pacs were morally wrong and i'm not getting involved in super-pacs or endorse any. i don't want supporters to give money to them. if they want to spend, spend, spend and try to negatively blame it away, i'll take my chances. >> silly and naive. the analogy i was about to give you is this, i don't believe the designated hitter rule in baseball, but if i'm the manager of a team and we're in the world
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series, am i not going to use the designated hitter? no. you try to win the world series under the rules of the game as they are, and after the series is over -- >> with every coach you do that. >> you will try to get rid of the designated hitter. >> would every coach do that? >> of course. they always have. >> what do you make of the -- you said you find them more vaguely ridiculous. what do you think of their actual chances against barack obama in an election? you know, you were saying on the break it could be a lot closer than people think. >> that's another reason why i did this, because i was at a party a few weeks ago. i guess it was a grammy party after the grammys, and all the liberals wanted to talk politics. they're mostly celebrities so they're not the most informed people in the world generally. they were like, isn't it great that obama has this election in the bag? i was like, he doesn't have this election in the bag. i would bet that -- not that i have a lot left to bet with, but
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i would bet that on election night the polls will show you a race that's too close to call. it's a very 50/50 country, and what we were kicking around at our office today to work on our concludes essay for the show friday night is this idea of a bubble that the liberals live in. i've talked a lot about the conservative bubble, and they certainly do live in a bubble, an insane bubble where obama is this person that doesn't exist who slashes defense spending, who raisies your taxes, who apologizes to other nations around the world, whose wife wants to outlaw dessert. just insanity. the liberals live in a little bubble, too, and they look at rick santorum as i do and perhaps you do -- i would hope you do -- and see an insane person and think, he could never be elected president. they don't live in america. they fly over it. it's true. when rick santorum says, you know, obama thinks that you're -- i don't know what did he say about obama? that he wants to rule over you?
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>> here's the problem. whatever you say about rick santorum, he of all the candidates i've interviewed at least has the benefit, i think of being true to himself more than some of the others. he's quite authentic. i think he believes what he says most of the time. >> why else would you say that? the father of lies talking about satan. i haven't heard that since catechism. >> quite a good line. >> the father of lies? i was like what year are we living in? i mean, this controversy today by john f. kennedy making hi throw up. it's so funny that the kennedy speech in 1960 was john f. kennedy basically saying, look, in i'm not taking my marching orders from the pope. now rick santorum in 2012 is sort of saying the reverse. how dare you say you won't be taking your orders from the
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pope. >> i don't think he'd read the speech probably, because that's not what kennedy was saying. >> it doesn't matter. again, they live in their bubble. >> he's doing it very deliberately and appealing to the conservative heartland in a way that i think mitt romney is struggling to do. i think the interesting thing today was an outrageous comment by rick santorum about the whole college thing about obama came out with, as if somehow encouraging americans to go to college was this appalling attack on working class people. >> trust me, i'm been a comedian for 30 years. i would have even begun to imagine a political candidate coming out against college. i couldn't. if i went to write a sketch, i couldn't have come up with that. >> we have a mishmash of a few other comments by the candidates. just watch this. >> i like the fact that most of the cars i see are detroit-made automobiles. i drive a mustang and a chevy pickup truck. ann drives a couple of cadillacs actually. >> president obama once said he wants everybody in america to go
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to college. what a snob. >> i mean, i actually like rick -- >> what a snob? >> i personally quite like rick santorum, and he's been good to us and he comes on the show unlike mitt romney and at least fronts out these debates. to call barack obama a snob in that way simply because he encouraging americans to go to college at a time when mother americans need to go to college, china and india and other countries are rapidly in terms of education overtaking america. >> let me tell you. the amount of material that those two have given me, i should have written them a check for a million dollars. but again, you're thinking -- you're not thinking like a lot of the country thinks. i know it sounds crazy to us. we're sane. >> the other thing that struck me in the last week is i interviewed chris christie, and he suddenly said about warren baf f
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buffet wants to be taxed shut up and write a check. warren buffett replied. >> it's a touching sfons to a $1.2 trillion deficit. somehow the american people sign their checks and take care of it. >> that was warren buffett on cnbc. that's a ridiculous argument. what do you think of that whole argument on both sides? >> it's similar to the silly thing about what you were -- the designated hitter and how that's a hypocrite. it's a fake argument that will get people who don't follow this very closely to agree, but, of course, warren buffett is right. certain things cannot be voluntary. one of them is paying taxes. another one, by the way, is fixing the environment. you said before you were going to ask about how we can improve america. some things only government can do. you know, thinking that we can fix our environmental problems by just voluntarily having people recycle, it's like saying we could have won world war ii
12:13 am
by just having them voluntarily collect tin and stuff like that, as they did. you also kind of needed the government to make tags and planes. that was sort of a big part of winning world war ii. >> how much should the government lead, and how much strays into nanny state do you think? >> sometimes you need a nanny state. at what point does the environment get so bad that the government says, yes, we're going to have to infringe on your freedom a little. these people don't want any infringing on freedom. that, to me, is a suicide pact. yes, i don't know what -- i don't know what it is with republicans that he they think that they're not breathing the same air. >> let's take another break. more tim tebows, and you met the great man last night. at a party. >> the great man. >> tim tebow. there you are. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes?
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it's okay for you. if somebody ask you what you're wearing, you will say kim jong-il. >> have fun this evening. sacha baron cohen on the oscar red carpet with an urn full of ashes. i guess you have to expect something like that. back with bill maher. from hbo's "real time with bill maher." >> i hadn't seen. i happen to know. larry charles directed that. directed my movie. i happen to know that movie is going to be a scream. >> i think sacha baron cohen is a comedy genius. it just was funny. i love the fact that everyone is outraged. >> it's silly. what's to get upset about? what to get up set about is the french took over our motion picture show. >> now, you the vanity fair, you met tim tebow. i was there and didn't get to meet him. tell me about the moment. >> tebow -- >> he's a phenomenon. >> 20 minute. we talked for a long time. >> do you like him? >> i never didn't like him.
12:18 am
people think i don't like him because he's super religious and i'm an atheist. >> something to do with this e-mail or this tweet you tweeted. this was following the 40-14 broncos loss to the buffalo bills. you tweeted wow, jesus deleted tim tebow bad on christmas eve. somewhere in hell satan is tebowing saying to hitler, hey, buffalo is killing him. >> no animosity there against tim tebow. i just -- >> hitler? >> first of all, it's a joke. i don't believe in satan. i don't believe in jesus as a god either. i was saying this guy does. this guy, my one gripe against him is he brings so much religion into the square. just play football. we don't need to see it on every play. >> isn't he inspiring? >> inspiring? inspiring to who? to the people who are religious?
12:19 am
>> if you work from the point of view that most americans are not atheist like you, if they do believe in god, having a clean living, super talented professional sportsman actually being very, i think, modest, you know, humble -- sgroo. >> why couldn't he do this without the religion? >> it's a free country. you can do whatever you want. let's not forget that faith is just an opinion. it's just somebody's opinion. which gets us back to rick santorum. he thinks it's something more than an opinion. i would like to say that to him. he said he doesn't really believe in the separation of church and state, and that's absolutely ridiculous. >> yeah, he did. >> that is unacceptable in this country. it is just your opinion. you are allowed to have your opinion. you're allowed to have your opinion that a palestinian 2,000 years ago walked on water and did magic tricks and was really -- he's really still his own father and all that stuff. that's fine. have whatever opinion you want. and the fact that a billion
12:20 am
other people believe it gives you strength and credence. i have the opinion that it'sry -- ridiculous. >> most americans are god fearing and they actually, i suspect, do believe that it's perfectly acceptable for people of religious influence to work in politics as well and to govern. >> it is. of course. i'm not saying anybody's opinion should be outlawed in the public square. i'm saying that is your opinion. don't tell this is my faith so it somehow means something more than my opinion. because it doesn't. my opinion is just as valid as your opinion and my opinion is you're nuts. what's a shame to me is that we had this other phenomenon, jeremy lin and i'm a long suffering knicks fan. they have not won since '73. >> i love jeremy lin. >> i do too. i don't care if he worships satan. but it would have been -- he is like tim tebow a religious christian. it would have been great to even things out if he was an atheist. he want to harvard for crying out loud.
12:21 am
>> if he said i want you to join me in prayer and i will score 20 more points against the lakers? would you do it? >> of course not. i would say prayer is ridiculous. it's trying to telepat thickally communication with an imaginary friends. >> if that's the way the rules are played, it doesn't matter if ethically or morally you don't agree. you just do it. get on your knees and start praying bill maher. >> i'll tebow. tebow was great by the way >> bill maher. >> great guy. sweet guy. promise me, on air, i can hold you to it. >> okay. >> also appearing the at the tennessee performing arts center on march 18th. i suspect tickets are scarce. bill maher, a great pleasure. great to see you. ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪
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♪ cheer up sleepy jean ♪ oh, what can it mean ♪ to a daydream believer ♪ and a homecoming queen that was davy jones singing one of the monkees biggest ever hits. "daydream believer." one of my favorites as a child in britain. a very sad day for all of the fans of the monkees to hear that
12:26 am
davy jones died in florida of a heart attack. mickey dolenz joins me exclusively. thank you for joining me. it must be an incredibly difficult day for you. >> that's an understatement. yeah, it's a shock right out of the blue. no one ever suspected. you know, what can you say? it's a total shock. i'm a little bit numbed by it all. >> how did you hear the news? >> my wife called me this morning. i was still in bed actually she was out shopping and she called -- got a call from her sister who said she heard it on the news, and i was -- i thought it was another -- frankly i thought it might have been another one of those internet stupid joke, you know, hoaxes. i hoped it was. but obviously it was not. >> you stayed in touch with davy over the years. were you good friends? >> yeah, we were quite good friends.
12:27 am
if you know the history of the monkees, you know, it was a television show that was cast about this band that wanted to be the beatles, and i remember actually quite clearly those -- early casting sessions and david and i sort of hit it off pretty early and quickly because we both had histories in showbiz as children. i had a serious when i was a kid called "circus boy," and he had been on broadway doing "oliver" so we sort of had a lot in common, and over the year, you know, our families and he and i, you know, we bonded. i mean, you know, after 47 years working with people like that, you know, it was like my brother. he was -- we were like siblings, yeah. >> the strange thing about this is that people are saying that davy was incredibly fit, a vegetarian, worked out every day, lived in florida. therefore his death from a heart
12:28 am
attack is a real shock. >> total, i mean, like i say, he would have been the last one i would have thought at -- he was the youngest of us. i would have -- i would have thought it would have been me, not a vegetarian and -- it is, i mean i'm just bewildered. i'm anxious to talk to some of his family and friends and find out what was going on. but then again, you know, could be a bit genetic, i know both his parents had passed on, passed over at a younger age so who knows. that may have something to do with it or not. you know, who knows these days. but, boy, i'm just -- everyone is in total shock. >> obviously the band were huge in the late '60s, '70s and then life moves on. what kind of life did davy have in the last few years? was he content with his life, do you think? >> absolutely, i think so.
12:29 am
he was a huge fan of horse racing. he raised racehorses, he had two farms, one in pennsylvania, one in florida, and he would go back and forth in the season and work and basically, you know, even when we were on the road, it was almost all he would talk about was getting back to his horses. it was his first love. he was a jockey, excuse me, an apprentice jockey before -- way before the monkees, way before he got into show business, in fact, just like a week or two i saw on the internet they went back to england, and he connected with the original owner/trainer at a stable who's the one that had said you ought to get in showbiz because i guess is like a 16-year-old or something, he was going to be an apprentice jockey, and somebody said, you're really funny and cute and you can sing, you
12:30 am
should try out for some -- some part, which he did, and, of course, the rest is history. but ever since i've known him i went riding with him. we both were equestrian fanatics actually. he loved the racing. i liked polo and jumping and -- but i remember going out and racing racehorses with him around the track. so that was definitely a first love and so he must have been out there every day. i know he was working out, mucking out the stables, taking care of the horse, grooming them. it's a lot of hard work, so, you know, i just -- i'm bewildered. i just am. >> when was the last time you spoke to him, micky. >> it would have been just a few months ago. we did a massive great tour. we -- the last show was -- not the last show but one of the biggest shows was at the greek theater that we did just months ago and it was a huge success and the reviews were wonderful and we left that particular tour on a huge high note.
12:31 am
i mean, but we've done that over the years every single time and whenever the monkees was, you know, our 20th anniversary in '86 was the biggest grossing tour of that year. 20 years after the show and '97/'98 we toured england and then the states, huge and then just recently this last tour got some of the best reviews we've ever had. we even got a great review from "rolling stone." who would have thought? so, yeah. >> did that bring davy a lot of pleasure, the fact that you guys were back together and i'm getting great reviews and so on? >> always did -- did all of us, yeah, i mean, you know, it only happened once every, say, ten years or so and which is not uncommon, you know, but remember the monkees wasn't this like plastic sort of band in that
12:32 am
sense, you know, it was originally this television show about a band, much in the same way that "glee" is about a glee club, but -- >> actually, micky, hold that thought. we want to take a short break and i want to come back to talk about the genesis of the monkees because i remember as a young boy watching this incredible show, and then you went on to become a conventional band and it was always the wrong way around or maybe it was the right way around. we will take a break and come back to talk to you about davy. ♪ what can it mean to a daydream believer ♪ ♪ and a homecoming queen well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients.
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♪ here we come ♪ walking down the street ♪ we're getting the funny looks from everyone we meet ♪ ♪ hey hey we're the monkees ♪ people say we are monkeying around ♪ >> the incredibly infectious theme from "the monkees." micky dolenz is here remembering the late great davy jones. it brings great memories back to me. i was a young lad from britain. davy came from the north of england. he was an english lad. even hearing that theme just getting up saturday mornings i used to hear it and everyone was crazy for the monkees. >> yeah, all over the world. i mean, the producers and writers of the show, you know, clearly got it right. it was a television show, like i said, about this band originally
12:37 am
an imaginary band that wanted to be the beatles. it was a garage band. funny because ringo once said to me the beatles we were a garage band and even more ironically i'm here in new york this week doing a reading for a new musical on broadway called "garage band." i mean the coincidences are just phenomenal but that's what the monkees was about, it was about this garage band that wanted to be big, and on the television show we never made it. it's an important point. we obviously became huge, you know, on the road when we did go on the road, but when they cast the show, they cast it with these four guys that i guess the producers felt they all had this very, you know, very kind of chemistry, and the audition process went on and on and on. i'm fairly -- >> i've actually got micky -- i've got davy's screen test for
12:38 am
the tv show. >> you've got to see this. >> let's watch this. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. >> spontaneous and unrehearsed. >> we're going to do -- >> one of your quick little things. davy, you want to know something honestly? hold it a second. >> what? >> i honestly think that you should have been a jockey. >> davy jones, davy was supposed to be a jockey but thank goodness he got this advice from someone, and went on the be a incredible talent and wonderful performer, and such a lovely person and such a wonderful friend and a heart of gold. he just would do anything for you, and anything anywhere. had lovely children who i feel, you know, so much pain for right now. he was one of the first the producers would have said, oh, yeah, him, definitely.
12:39 am
i don't know where i came in down the line. but i do recall quite clearly in the early audition process david and i, like i say, we kind of connected early on because of our history probably in the -- as child stars, and they paired us together early on, i remember that, and we did these scenes together and we kind of connected together and, you know, had some kind of a rap and a thing and the stuff and, you know, bada bing, bada boom because i guess because of our history in the business. but, you know, he obviously was the heart and soul, you know, he was the heart and soul of the show. >> did he remain proud of his english roots, micky? >> oh, absolutely, he had family back there. still does. and i went over to england, in fact, we went over to england in the '70s -- mid '70s to do a play together and i ended up staying over there for years and
12:40 am
had a family over there, an english family. i'm quite an anglophile myself and, yeah, he certainly did. sisters and aunts and uncles, and, you know, he never gave that up and loved it. and he was back there, and if i'm not mistaken even back recently, and we were back there just last year opening in liverpool. you know, we had a killer tour over there, an english tour, it was wonderful. >> when you're hearing all the tributes today, micky, and all the music being played again and so on, what's your abiding memory of davy jones? >> oh, boy, it's a lot. you know, we used to -- i guess -- the first thing i started thinking about was when we would hang out together like it was actually just after the big monkee thing, the roller-coaster ride.
12:41 am
it was just after that that we would hang out together with our families. we both happened to have children at the same time so he and i, you know, for that reason alone, i mean we became very close. he would come over to the house. we would laugh and i got film and old -- not video, before video. eight millimeter film of our families playing together and our kids swimming and stuff like that and just having a great time, and that is how i want to remember him and i will. you know, as a good friend, as this -- became a brother, you know, like a sibling. >> well, i can only offer you my deepest condolences, micky. i was a huge fan of the monkees, of davy, of you, it's a very sad day i think for many, many people around the world today and i greatly appreciate you taking the time to come on and pay such a personal tribute to your great friend.
12:42 am
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12:46 am
okay. so tonight i'm excited because that was the manipulative television temptrest everyone is talking about. archie panjabi plays kalinda sharma. she joins me for real. you toll told me your first ever one-on-one american television interview. >> it is. please be gentle with me. >> i'm going to find out the secrets of the most devilish woman on television? >> i'm too lucky. >> i'm so excited because i love your character. the reason i wanted you on the show is because it's so wonderfully unethically evil, your character. >> she is. it's one of the best characters, i think, i've ever played in my career. i'm told you've made her evermore evil. the lovely mischievous twinkle.
12:47 am
you grabbed the script and said, let's roll with this. >> that's partly true, yes. i think part of it is the writers. they have created somebody very interesting. but the day i read that script, i thought to myself, i could do something with this. >> i had your cast members on. they're all fantastic. the most brilliantly cast show, i think, on american television. >> it is. they're an incredibly talented group of actors. i think the combination of the great writing and what each of the actors make with character has a synergy when you put them together. >> let's talk about you. the reason i wanted you is to find out about your story. you've done a few movies. this catapulted you into this new league of stardom. you're back in britain, you're not that famous, are you? >> that's true. i'm not famous at all there. when i won the emmy -- when i was nominated, i wasn't on the list. they put out a list of brits naum nalt nominated, and when i won they were like, oh, she's a
12:48 am
brit. >> this strange role on tv and at home in north london where you come from, you can walk the streets with relative safety. >> yeah. i mean, i was a jobbing actor until getting this job. like many actors, i did a few films here and there. i don't think i ever have become as famous as what i have with "the good wife." >> we have some men watching this. p if i hadn't met you at a party and discussed some of these things, hoping you're single. you're not. even worse, you told me that your husband lives mainly in london and tonight he's here in the green room. a few feet away from here. terrible protective shield. i got to be careful how i phrase this. >> you don't have to be careful. >> he's a charming guy. >> a huge fan of yours. >> that makes is more successful. his name is raj. you had an arranged marriage 13 years ago but you quibble with that. don't you? your mother, basically said this is nice chap i want you to meet. but if you don't like him, you don't have to marry him, is that
12:49 am
right? >> there's different ways to describe an arranged marriage. sometimes you're not even told the person. that certainly didn't happen. she mitt him and said i think you two will get on. i was like, if you like him, there's no way on earth i'm going to like him. we just met. >> how did things develop? >> we just got on. we were friend for a -- friends for about four to six months. and then we dated for two years. >> see, i personally i'm quite a fan of this arranged marriage system. i really am. the reason is, so many marriages now, i see people i know are utterly unsuitable. you think why did this happen? how did this person meet somebody so obviously badly suited? actually, in the purest way, what is wrong with families coming together and saying we think these two people with similar backgrounds and interests and intelligence, whatever it may be, they might just get on. what do you think? >> if you let me talk.
12:50 am
>> see, i told you you you're feisty. >> i don't think it's any different to a dating agency where, like you said, you know the other side. you put them together because there's similar characteristics. it isn't any different, and i wouldn't knock it. i guess i don't like to give in and say it's an arranged marriage, because i got to know myself. >> does your mom take all the credit? >> she just says i did introduce you, and i say, yes, you did. >> any little kalinda's on the way? >> oh, god, that would be. >> here's the dilemma. you're in this red hot show. it's a lot of work. how do you find time to have a little kalinda? >> you don't to be honest. this is a great opportunity and i'm going to embrace it and worry about that. >> unbelievably you are 40 this year. >> i am. >> in may.
12:51 am
>> i am. >> i can't quite believe that, but does that -- i mean how do you feel about becoming 40? >> i know everybody is kind of -- when people say that to me, it doesn't worry me. i remember my mom at 40, and you know, it just doesn't make me nervous or scared. if anything, it probably makes me so grateful i can play roles so much longer than that. >> we'll take a little break and we'll come back and talk about your incredible physical transformation. the only reason i know about this is you told me when we met at that party. you said i used to be fat. >> that's right. >> i couldn't believe what i was hearing, but you did apparently. we'll talk about that. what's this? [ male announcer ] quaker oatmeal squares have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste. get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares on facebook. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world...
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12:55 am
this is quick here, and i hope she wears this tomorrow. >> shut up. she's old. >> so. >> hi, jess. >> the national movement for the restoration of pakistan sovereignty has captured its cia officer daniel pearl who has been posing as a journalist of the "wall street journal." >> we're talking to archie panjabi. she starred opposite angelina jolie. what was she like? >> stre nice woman. >> brad? >> very nice man. >> did you all hang out foeg? >> occasionally.
12:56 am
>> as in occasionally. >> who rings who? >> stop being so naughty, piers. >> i wonder how this works with angie and brad. >> we stay in contact and we're friends and she's very supportive. >> do you go out and have a few beers? >> no. >> go to her place and have a bottle of wine and chew the fat? would you like to be as famous as them? >> would i like to be as famous as them? >> sure, if i was earning that kind of money. >> do you think it's a nice place to find yourself, or is it very restrictive? >> i think there's pluses and minuses, when you're at that stage, you can choose your projects. you can earn very good money, but there's a cost to it. you're recognized everywhere you go. i'm sure your life is different. >> tell me about your weight, because i found this fascinating. you made a point of telling me -- i said tell me something about you i don't know at this party. you said i used to be really overweight, and i was shocked. i never read that and wasn't aware of that. you have pictures to show this or anything. we got a little glimpse of it there.
12:57 am
you put this down to an indian diet you had that you foind irrelevant resistible, right? >> no. >> curry, as i read. >> my parents used to own a fish and chip shop. i'm spris surprised you didn't discover that, and i loved eating and i did put on weight. i never actually felt fat until i started going for castings for auditions. then my agent said to me -- i would get called to the second or two final women and i'd be the one na never got it. my agent said it might help if you lost a bit of weight. that's the first time i realized that i was -- >> how did that make you feel as a young woman? >> terrible. >> that's awful, isn't it. >> horrible. the truth is i was. i was also a bit of a tomboy so i wore baggy clothes. >> how did you react to this critique from your agent? >> that if i wanted -- maybe that was the reason i wasn't getting the roles, because i was delivering the dialogue, and maybe it's something i should work on.
12:58 am
i tried every diet under the sun. of course, none of them worked. i did get down about it. >> you swhen you see yourself a little vamp on "the good wife," it's strange? >> it's strange to see somebody -- seeing me playing a sexy character like that is bizarre. >> and also this sort of really vampish bisexual evil character. >> it is strange. >> what does your husband make of if? >> every time i come home in hair and makeup, he's like take it off. he's like can you keep it on. the first day elsd i think i'm in love with another woman, kalinda. i love her. >> nathere's something devil i about that character. >> there's something that character that people melt. i heard there is this bombshell erupting on "the good wife" where it should be renamed the
12:59 am
bad wife because your ex-husband we didn't know much about is coming on the set. tell me about this. >> in "the good wife" fashion they dropped a little piece of information last season that i was married, and my husband turns up. alicia helps me out with a problem r i have with the irs, and he turns up. >> alicia owes you. >> you talk about plague a roll on "the good wife." how would you like to play my ex-husband? >> yes. is it available? are you serious? >> i'll speak to the kings. >> i could play your ex-husband. does it include love scenes or not? >> i don't know. >> are they negotiable? >> negotiable. >> how did raj feel about this? >> he's a big fan of yours. >> we'll do the film when he's back in london. that would be a lifetime dream for me. >> you're blushing. that must be so rare. >> i'm excited. i'm overly excited. i have to end this enter fru now. it's a pleasure. >> it's a pleasure. >> very nice to meet you.


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